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Pupil Outcomes and Exam Results

2018 – 19


KS4 Examinations and Awards 2019

In 2018-19, Year 11 students followed predominately Entry level courses across five subjects. Some students followed the Transition Challenge course which focuses on personal and social skills. These were accredited at the end of Year 11 and have supported these students with their next steps in their education.

Examination Entries Summer 2019

Year 11

Subject Exam Board Level No. of students
English AQA Entry 5
Mathematics AQA Entry 4
Science OCR Entry 5
Religious Studies OCR Entry 4
Physical Education OCR Entry 4
Functional Skills Mathematics AQA Entry 1
Arts Award Trinity College Level 1 5


Examination Results and Awards Summer 2019

Year 11 Entry level qualifications

    Level achieved
Subject No. of entries Entry

Level 3


Level 2


Level 1

English 5   5  
Mathematics 4 1 3  
Science 5 4 1  
Religious Studies 4 1 2 1
Physical Education 4 2 2  
Functional Skills Mathematics 1 1    


Arts Award

All five students entered for the Arts Award achieved the Bronze Arts Award – Level 1 Award in the Arts.


Year 11 Transition Challenge

  • Three students achieved the ASDAN Transition Challenge (School Award)


Key Stage 5 Awards

Students gain awards at the end of the Key Stage 5 depending on the course they have been following during the Key Stage. In 2019:

  • Five students achieved the ASDAN Personal Progress Diploma
  • Two students achieved the ASDAN Personal and Social Development Certificate

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