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Parents often feel isolated with regards to their child’s education. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including not meeting class staff face to face on a daily basis, the child being non-verbal and unable to communicate what he or she did in school that day and some verbal children preferring not to mention anything about school sometimes as a result of their inflexible thinking.We always encourage parents to contact school / pass on important information via child escorts, telephone or in person. Formal meetings with parents to discuss their child’s progress occur at least three times per year depending on individual needs.

To improve our partnerships with parents we have developed the following:

Family Support

Uffculme School offers training to parents on a variety of subjects. Parents, whose children are new to the school, receive invitations to attend workshops throughout the school year. Parents of pupils who are established in the school, are, as appropriate, offered additional support in the form of workshops and/or meetings.

Family Support

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